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Windows 2000 - Tips & Tricks

Adding Themes to Windows 2000

Although there is no tool in Control Panel for configuring desktop themes in Windows 2000, you can use and configure desktop themes by using the Desktop Themes tool.

Click Start, and then click Run,
In the Open box, type themes, and then click OK,
Configure the theme you want, and then click OK.

Oddly themes seem to be an afterthought. You have to manually create a "Plus!" folder in which to store your desktop themes. To do so, go to C:\Program Files\ and create a subfolder named "Plus!" Next, create a subfolder under "Plus!" named "Themes."
Windows 2000 only recognizes themes with the .theme extension. It can use Win9x themes with a .the or .thm extension if you rename the extension to .theme.

You might want to consider Desktop Architect which is theme management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Desktop Architect gives you the power to create and use themes to give your desktop a personal look and sound. Best of all, it's completely free!




Last Update: 03 March 2004