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Upgrading an old PC

An old friend requested me to help him upgrade his old PC. He is a very thrifty type of person and is not willing to spend more than 400 dollars on this mini project.

I did a price research and found this board: Abit SG72. This board is the best value for all-in-one Intel FSB800 with mATX form factor. It comes with SIS661 chipset, DDR 400, AGP 8x, 6 channel sound, 8 USB2.0, 10/100 Lan, Hyperthreading support. With all these good features, it is only selling for $105. This is really value for money! (2 Yr warranty)

I bought a piece of 256MB DDR400 (PC3200). This board can support up to DDR 400. 256MB of RAM should be good enough as my friend is using Windows XP Home Edition. I have experienced slowness of XP systems that are installed with 128MB. Hence, I would recommend buying 256MB RAM at least. (Lifetime warranty)

My friend had bad experience with Celeron chip, which he complained that those chips are very low in performance. To satisfy him, I bought a Intel P4 2.4A GHz 533 FSB 1MB CPU Socket 478. (3 Yr warranty)

In total, he spent $383 for all the above items. So I got them fixed up into his old system. It is really value for money as he almost like getting a new system with enhanced performance boosting by paying a minimum amount.

Upgrading system is quite easy and fun for novice, and if you have the time no harm trying to do it yourself.



Last Updated: November 5, 2004

Last Update: 17 October 2002