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Remote Control Switch

Disk Defrag

You should have your hard drive defragmented once a month as a good maintanance. You will find the disk defragmenter under Start, Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools.

Drive Space

You can use the DriveSpace utility to compress hard and floppy disks, for added disk space.

Finding Disk Utilities

Right-click a drive in My Computer and select Properties. The Tools tab offers the following disk tools: ScanDisk, Backup and Defrag which can be used to optimize your system and protect your data.

Freeing Up Disk Space

To free up disk space, try emptying the Recycle Bin.

Hidden IP Utility

You can use a little-known utility called WinIPConfig to see information about your TCP/IP network settings. From the Start Menu, press Run, type WINIPCFG, and click OK.

Scan Disk

You can use ScanDisk, in the System Tools folder, to check your hard disk for errors.

Speed Demon CD´s

From the System control panel applet, click the Performance Tab, then click the CD-ROM Tab. From here, you can adjust the memory cache size for your CD-ROM drive.

Watch Your Defrag

Avoid using a defragmentation program that isn't aware of long filenames. You can not only destroy your long filename space, you might end up corrupting the drive's data as well, especially on volumes that are 1GB to 2GB in size.

Last Update: 17 October 2002