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OmniPage Pro 12 Office

The latest version in the popular line of products from Scansoft is OmniPage Pro 12 Office. Sometimes it boggles our mind to think of all the productivity that was lost before computers. If a worker had a document that needed to be retyped or have a couple of lines added it usually meant the whole thing had to be typed all over again. OmniPage Pro 12 Office is a program that changes all of that with an easy to use interface and the ability to convert documents into editable text. Users to this powerful program will also find the ability to convert PDF documents in word processing files as wells as spreadsheets! All of the users documents can be also turned into PDF files making the search rules for finding a document online much more powerful!

In the new release ScanSoft has enhanced the features that matter most to users of OCR products, increasing overall accuracy up to 35% and improving PDF conversion accuracy by more than 80% - easily making OmniPage Pro 12 Office the fastest and most reliable document conversion tool available. Other time-saving advances include precise document layout retention and unmatched document editing, making it easier than ever to re-create electronic documents - even those with formatted text, columns, graphics, tables and spreadsheets

TextBridge Pro 11 - Easy and Accurate OCR

TextBridge Pro 11 easily turns printed pages into electronic documents that you can use with your favorite Windows application. Outstanding accuracy and format retention mean you'll never retype a paper document again! A new user interface and new OCR engines make any OCR task simple and fast.

TextBridge Pro 11 is the simple and fast way to convert paper into editable electronic documents, saving time and increasing productivity. New OCR engines are designed to deliver the most accurate TextBridge results ever - even on complex pages with graphics and tables. A completely redesigned user interface and new text editor make processing and proofing faster and more intuitive than ever before. With new TextBridge Pro 11 you'll never retype a paper document again.

- Perform OCR functions directly from your favorite Windows programs

- Make spreadsheets and tables digital by converting them into your favorite spreadsheet or word processing program

- Maintains the formatting and color of all your pages

PaperPort - Easily Organize, Find and Share All Your Documents

PaperPort products are the ideal way for individuals and businesses to organize all their paper and digital documents in one easy-to-use application. When documents are managed in PaperPort, information is easy to find and share which saves time and money every day.

Create PDF from Microsoft Office
New to the PaperPort product line is PaperPort Pro 9 Office - the most efficient way for everyone in your organization to organize, find and share paper, PDF, and digital documents. PaperPort Pro Office combines the power of creating PDF, the convenience of network scanning and the efficiency of document management, into a single, easy-to-use desktop application.

All-in-one search engine helps you find documents or photos

Pagis Pro Millennium 5

Introducing a new, more powerful, more versatile version of Pagis Pro Scanning Suite for the year 2000. Pagis Pro Millennium features 5 powerful applications integrated into one suite.

It includes Pagis - for professional document management, TextBridge Pro Millennium - for accurate OCR, PhotoSoap2 - for photo editing, Pagis Forms Fill-in - to fill in scanned forms from your PC and Pagis Copier - for colour copies from your PC and colour printer.

With better than 99% accuracy, turn paper documents into electronic files without retyping. Use the results in word processing, spreadsheet, web content creation, e-mail and other applications.

OmniForm 5.0

Paper Forms are a problem. They take a long time to create, and soon after you create them they're out of date. They're expensive to print. They take up valuable storage space. They're a pain to fill out. And, once you collect information from others, it's very time-consuming and expensive to re-key this information into a database.

The good news is ScanSoft has several eForm products that solve these problems, plus a solution for software developers. OmniForm 5.0 is designed for the individual who works with forms on a regular basis, and OmniForm Premium 5.0 is designed for organizations that want to completely automate the forms management process. ScanSoft Xpress Forms Pack is perfect for the individual who needs a streamline method for collecting and managing their personal or business information.

OmniForm 5.0 is the best-selling personal forms management software. It enables an individual to quickly turn paper forms into digital forms, or to create new digital forms from scratch. OmniForm 5.0 comes with a complete set of pre-designed templates to facilitate the creation of new forms.

Last Update: 17 October 2002