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URL: http://www.drive-image.com/

One of the most valuable tools for computer users is disk imaging software.
What imaging software does is that it creates an exact duplicate of your hard disk drive into an "image" file which can be a large single file or splitted into several smaller files.

The advantage to this is that the entire Windows along with all other program files and data are backed up at the same time. This is definitely a neat and simple way to do a backup.

With the image file stored in a safe place, you can restore your system with it fast. Just imagine how much time it would take if you had to install Windows and all those programs too - literally hours!

R-Drive Image v2.0 build 2006 has some great features:

  • Very user friendly GUI with wizards to guide you through the imaging task
  • Create a full image of a PC in a realtime environment while the Windows is running. No need to worry about active applications or memory managers it does a complete back up as well.
  • Create bootable CD to restore and create images
  • The created image can be mounted as a read-only virtual disk. This is useful if you need to retreive some files from the image
  • Image integrity check / verification
  • Incremental disk images can be created; only new and updated data is added to an already existing image

The nice thing about R-Drive Image (and most current imaging programs) is that they work 'on the fly', meaning while Windows is running. Older imaging programs required booting into a version of DOS so that the image could be created outside of Windows.

Note that if you want to create the image directly to a writable (or rewritable) CD or DVD, R-Drive Image requires that a third party packet-writing software be installed, such as Roxio's Direct to Disk or Nero's InCD.

We thought that R-Drive Image was worth the money for the features it offers. We recommend this program for any home user, especially in the beginner to intermediate range as a good, affordable backup solution.


Last Update: 17 October 2002