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What is BlueTooth?

It is an open specification for short-range communications of data and voice between both mobile and stationary devices. For instance, it specifies how mobile phones, WIDs, computers and PDAs interconnect with each other, with computers, and with office or home phones.

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that is used to communicate from one device to another in a small area usually less than 30 feet.

Operates in the un-licensed 2.4 GHz range.- uses fast frequency-hopping technology to avoid interference from other radio signals when it transmits packets of data.

It communicates with a 1 megabit connection between 2 devices for both a voice channel and a 721k data channel. The Bluetooth specification calls for different profiles such as voice and serial emulation to be used by devices to communicate. However interoperability needs to be tested to confirm compatibility of the higher level protocols that use Bluetooth to communicate between devices. Version 1.0 requires users to register the connection between the 2 devices while version 1.1 allows a Bluetooth device to communicate with up to 8 devices.

As of late 2000, only a few Bluetooth-equipped products have arrived on the market. These are generally Bluetooth 1.0b compliant, meaning that they transmit and receive data at 721kbps with 128bit security encryption.

Bluetooth's founding members include Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba.

What are the common devices that are enabled with BlueTooth?

Bluetooth enables short-range wireless connections between desktop and notebook computers, handhelds, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, camera phones, printers, digital cameras, headsets, keyboards and even a computer mouse.

Highly power efficient

Bluetooth uses a low-cost, power efficient radio technology to support both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections.

Keeps your notebook batteries running longer (works with low-power consumption)


You can surf the web and send email using your Bluetooth mobile phone as a dial up, transfer images, data, documents even video clips between your laptop and other devices such as servers and PDA.

Hence 2 laptops with Bluetooth enabled can exchange documents between them.

You can also print to a Bluetooth enabled printer.

You can add Bluetooth wireless technology to your existing notebook computer, eliminating the necessity for cable connections with USB to Bluetooth Dongle or Bluetooth PCMCIA card.

1) USB to Bluetooth Dongle

Meritline USB Bluetooth Adapter, USB to Bluetooth Dongle, Range: 10M, Connects Your PC to Wireless Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth USB Adapter, USB to Bluetooth Dongle, Class 2, Range: 20-30M (ZUB6110C)

Bluetooth USB Adapter, USB to Bluetooth Dongle, Class 1, Range: 100M (ZUB6100C)

D-Link Bluetooth USB Adapter DBT-120

2) Compact Flash Bluetooth card with CF-PCMCIA adapter

3) Bluetooth PCMCIA Card


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Last Update: 17 October 2002