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Scanning for viruses with Norton Antivirus (NAV)

Learning the proper method to scan your computer is important. If viruses are detected, all of them shall be removed, else reinfection may occur. NAV is easy to use and is preferred by most consumers. However I found that it is taking too much of my system resources and slow down my PC from starting up.

(Step 1)

Run LiveUpdate from the main screen of NAV. If your subscription is expired, please consider to renew it. Without updating the virus definitions, NAV will not be able to protect your system fully.

(Step 2)

Turn off System Restore if you are using Windows XP. Search for the System Restore tab in the "My Computer" Properties dialog.

(Step 3)

To speed up the scanning process, empty your recycle bin. Delete all temp files with extension tmp. Empty your Internet Explorer's temporary internet files.

Shut down the PC

(Step 4)

Press F8 during system startup, just after BIOS screen. Boot to Safe Mode using account Administrator.

(Step 5)

In safe mode, open NAV. Click Full System Scan

If virus is found, let NAV repairs it. If cannot repair, just delete it. Most viruses don't contain important data. If NAV cannot delete it for some reason, note the filename and search for it later. You have to manually delete it.

(Step 6)

After NAV completed its scan. It will list out the infected fles and the virus name.

Symantec’s Security Response page

Find the appropriate removal tool for any virus identified.

Viruses have become increasingly complex and infections involve more system elements than ever before. Hence by running NAV alone is not enough. You must use the provided removal tools to completely kill the viruses.

Whenever virus is found in the removal tool, you must rescan your PC again with the removal tool. Continue scanning until no more virus is found.

(Step 7)

Restart you PC. Let it boots into Normal mode.

(Step 8)

Turn on System Restore.


Last Update: 03 March 2004