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My motherboard failed?

Most motherboard related failures are due to the "On-board" regulated supplies and component failure within those circuits.

We have seen similar capacitor failures on almost every brand and model of motherboard manufactured between 1998 ~ 2001.

The most common symptoms of capacitor failure are:

Fans spin up, power indicator / CDROM lights up and nothing else happens. No BIOS screen.

Every morning, my PC hangs during boot up. I don't even get to see the BIOS screen. I need to press the reset button to start the PC. After I pressed the reset button, the PC boots fine.

Completely fail to boot.

Must attempt booting several times before machine will start.

The computer became unstable, and unreliable even after a fresh installation of Windows.

Instability , especially when graphic cards are high-end ones.



Look at your motherboard to see if you have any bloated capacitor. Usually there is some brown electrolyte on them. The top part of the capacitor may be bulged out.



The on-board power supply circuit had partially failed and was overloading subsequent components.

The capacitors are defective in the first place.



1) Replace the old motherboard with a new one.

2) Removal and replacement of ALL filter caps rated 1000uf and above, the “c-49” mod if needed. Use only top quality Nichicon or Panasonic low E.S.R. capacitors that are designed for switching mode regulated power circuits.

Last Update: 03 March 2004