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Highly secured network firewall with virus and spam protection + proxy + VPN
(All-in-One Solution)

The Internet has made large amounts of information available to the average computer user at home, in business and in education. For many people, having access to this information is no longer just an advantage, it is essential. Yet connecting a private network to the Internet can expose critical or confidential data to malicious attack from anywhere in the world. Users who connect their computers to the Internet must be aware of these dangers, their implications and how to protect their data and their critical systems.

Firewalls can protect both individual computers and corporate networks from hostile intrusion from the Internet.

A firewall sits at the junction point or gateway between the two networks, usually a private network and a public network such as the Internet. The term firewall comes from the fact that by segmenting a network into different physical subnetworks, they limited the damage that could spread from one subnet to another just like firedoors or firewalls.

Figure 1: Firewall Deployment

A firewall examines all traffic routed between the two networks to see if it meets certain criteria. If it does, it is routed between the networks, otherwise it is stopped. A firewall filters both inbound and outbound traffic. It can also manage public access to private networked resources such as host applications. It can be used to log all attempts to enter the private network and trigger alarms when hostile or unauthorized entry is attempted. Firewalls can filter packets based on their source and destination addresses and port numbers. This is known as address filtering. Firewalls can also filter specific types of network traffic. This is also known as protocol filtering because the decision to forward or reject traffic is dependant upon the protocol used, for example HTTP, ftp or telnet. Firewalls can also filter traffic by packet attribute or state.


  • Automatic updates, scanning and effective elimination of the most malicious viruses rampant on the Internet
  • Capability of blocking or transferring spam emails to a spamtrap folder hence reducing precious time and effort for manual deletion
  • Serves as a Stand-Alone DHCP Server
  • Firewall security against hackers
  • Provides proxy / NAT server
  • Simultaneous Internet access for up to 253 PCs on the LAN using only one IP address
  • Browser-based management and monitoring of server
  • 1-port 10/100 Mbps for local, plus one port for WAN connection
  • Worry proof system
  • VPN Server


Ease of management with low cost out-sourced management to L&C IT Consultants

Highly secured against virus

Comprehensive spam filtering

Simple design providing ease of integration into current network

Share a single Internet connection
Reducing your costs

Provides high security firewall server
Prevents unauthorized personnel (hackers) from accessing Information through the Intranet/Internet.

Automatically configuring your desktop computers
Maximizing your resources

The product can be integrated with any other network servers (Unix, Windows NT/2000) that you already have.

Web object cache
Provides added speed when surfing the web.

VPN server
Users can then access the server remotely as if they were directly connected to the office LAN.

No Licensing fees

Ease of use



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Last Update: 03 March 2004