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Compex NP26G Wireless-G BroadBand Router
Product Code: NP26G

Selling Price: $69 (Sim Lim: Fullwell)

Wireless Standards: IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b
WAN Protocol: Static/Danamic IP, PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE)
WAN Interface: 1 x RJ45 Ethernet port
LAN Interface: 4-port 10/100Mbps
LED Indicators: Power Status, LAN & WAN Link/Activity
Prism Nitro? Support: Yes
WEP Encryption: 64/128 Bit
Wireless User Isolation: Pseudo VLAN
Wireless Distribution System: Yes
Parallel BroadBand Technology: Yes
Fail-Over Redundancy: Yes
NAT Firewall: Yes
SPI Firewall: Optional
UPnP: Yes
DHCP Server: Yes
Filtering: Packet Filtering
URL Filtering
Warranty:1 Year; Singapore


Compex's NetPassage 26G is an 802.11g wireless broadband router which stands separately from other products in the market due to its advancement in convenience and usefulness.

The NP26G-USB features Nitro Technology, which increases speed, in a pure 802.11g Nitro supported environment, by 50 percent and by 300 percent in a mixed b and g environment. A taste of other included features are Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Optional SPI Firewall, Wireless Pseudo VLAN, URL Filtering and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

Setup and Configuration

After unpacking the NP26G and powering it up, I connected my cable modem network connection to the WAN port on the back of the router and then connected up my hard wired PC to one of the four LAN ports on the back. I then fired up my wireless PC and configured them to connect to the wireless segment of the NP26G.

The next step was to check out the web browser based management console, then make any tweaks necessary to the DHCP server and wireless security elements.


The default ESSID: compex

Following the instructions, I logged into the web-based console via a specific URL / IP number and entered the pre-arranged password. You can change this password to one of your choosing, if so desired.

The Wireless Setup screen allows you to set operational channels, WEP security, operational mode (mixed or pure), and name your wireless segment.

The LAN Setup screen allows you to setup / refine your DHCP server range, define DNS servers if needed, and enter other networking information if required by your ISP.

The Compex NP26G is generally a solid wireless router with a ton of extra features that help to offset the rather high price tag.

Its security features once configured are quite enticing for the more advanced network users out there.

I do have several minor issues with the Compex NP26G. The first (possibly a non-issue, but worth mentioning) being the apparent incompatibility with at least one 10/100/1G Intel network chipset when using an older firmware revision.

My laptop comes with an Intel network chipset, probably an older firmware revision and it is not able to connect to the router.

The second is with the SPI feature of the firewall being disabled and requiring an additional online purchase to turn on, albeit most users will not even notice it is missing.

In the end, I was generally satisfied with the performance of the NP26G, in addition to the majority of its features, but the fall off in signal strength are rather off-putting.

Its wired speed and stability, solid features will give most other routers on the home and SOHO market a run for its money, however.


Norman, 2004

Last Update: 17 October 2002