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You can change settings in the BIOS, which is usually the very first screen displayed by your computer when you turn it on.

To enter your BIOS, most users here will press the DEL key.

Most users with Dell, Gateway, Sony & HP systems will press F2.

Many Toshiba laptops require you hold the ESC key when you turn the system on. Your notebook will report an error and prompt to press F1 to enter setup. Do exactly that.

Compaq users will usually have to press F10.

IBM typically uses F1 or F2.

Other brands may have different keys to press to enter setup, but F1, F2, Del, Tab and CTRL+S or CTRL + ALT + S are the most common ones I'm familiar with. Often, the BIOS will display what button to press to "enter setup" during POST.


Last Updated: May 16, 2004

Last Update: 17 October 2002