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BIOS Beep Codes

Now you can repair your own computer with reference to the following BIOS beep codes.

Award BIOS Beep Codes

A long beep will typically last for 2 seconds while a short beep will last only 1 second.

1 Long, 2 Short

Video adapter failure -> Replace video adapter

Repeating (Endless loop)

Memory error -> Check for Bad memory or bad connection

1 Long, 3 Short

Video adapter failure -> Replace video adapter or memory

High freq. beeps (while running)

CPU is overheating -> Replace CPU fan

Repeating High, Low beeps

CPU failure -> Replace processor


AMI (American Megatrends International) BIOS Beep Codes.

AMI BIOS uses beeps of the same length and pitch. The error is displayed as a number of beeps.

1 Beep (No video) Memory refresh failure -> Bad memory
2 Beeps Memory parity error -> Bad memory
3 Beeps Base 64K mem failure -> Bad memory
4 Beeps Timer not operational -> Bad motherboard
5 Beeps Processor error -> Bad processor
6 Beeps 8042 Gate A20 failure -> Bad CPU or Motherboard
7 Beeps Processor exception -> Bad processor
8 Beeps Video memory error -> Bad video card or memory
9 Beeps ROM checksum error -> Bad BIOS
10 Beeps CMOS checksum error -> Bad motherboard
11 Beeps Cache memory bad -> Bad CPU or motherboard


Last Update: 07 Feb 2005